Digilib - Digital library

Every day new books are being published. But that doesn't mean that we have forgotten the old books, with the yellow pages and that characteristically paper or smell.

Since the ancient times, books are kept secured from the hands of time and from the overuse in libraries like those of the ancient library of Pergamum in Turkey or Vatican's library. But those libraries didn't always show all of their treasures to all curious eyes. "Preservation of the book" is called the process in whose name you got nothing when you ask for a rare book and you are not in the academic world.

Is this right or not?

Google is scanning millions of books with a number of libraries around the world, in hopes of making the content searchable through the Google search engine and ultimately profiting by the sale of the books. Amazon has her own digitization program, making snippets of books viewable through Amazon.com solely for the purpose of selling books online, and repurposing the book and selling it exclusively through their eBook reader the Kindle.

In the mean time there are libraries like Library of Congress (loc.gov) in USA, The British Library (http://www.bl.uk/) , The Royal Library (www.kb.dk/) or Vatican Library (http://www.vaticanlibrary.va/), which are spending a lot on digitization and often offering many free catalogs. There are a lot of initiatives like Europeana or World Digital Library which tries to collect different catalogs from other libraries in different countries.

Well, they have a lot of money, a lot of people and modern equipment. What I am doing seems similar (in words) but a bit simpler.
Here you can find just a few pages from newspapers, once published in Albania. You can also find an old (oldest in latin alphabet) Italian book I had in my home library too. And for all the other newspapers I will have to thank Library of Shkodra for letting me in, and for giving me some PDF-s.